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Mother's Day Message

Since I began having children, every Mother’s day I tend to sit back and reflect on how well I am performing my duties as a mom. 
Honestly, I had absolutely no idea how hard motherhood journey can be until I got here. 

My life as a Mother has taught me to love and truly appreciate every woman playing this role in my life. 
Mothers put in so much work regardless of how tired they are, they keep going. It is such a heavy task to bring a child into the world talk more of raising that child; although rewarding, we can’t help but sometimes wonder how this change has affected us generally.

The name ‘mummy’ is for every woman- wether you have a child right now or not, you’re and would be a mother someday. 

Mothers face a lot of challenges yet we have to remain strong for those who lean on us- from our spouses, children and even to our family. 

So, whether you are a mother right in the middle of raising your little ones, trying to conceive (TTC)  or grieving over the loss of a child/children, today is your day because you’re are selfless,  strong and beautiful! 

I want you to know that you are enough and that you are doing a fantastic job. 
Unlike these pictures of I and my babies, the journey isn’t perfect. Most times, it may seem blurry, but you have to remain hopeful and happy. 
Remember, Only a happy mother is truly able to affect her kids positively and so you know, your kids don’t want a perfect mum, they only want a happy one.
The journey can sometimes be harder for young mums like myself living abroad and raising kids with little or no extra extended family support, It can also get frustrating and tiring and that’s absolutely normal. 
The overwhelming effects of being pregnant to child birth and nursing a newly born can push a woman into post-partum depression. This is one topic I notice we as Africans try to avoid. We pretend as though we are immune to it yet it  consumes us even to our souls. We don’t want to talk about it because we don’t want others to be perceived as being weak or incapable of raising our children.
This should not be the case. You are human and it is absolutely normal to sometimes feel inadequate but if this feeling lasts for a long time, please seek help. 
Talk to someone, anyone- a therapist maybe. 
Do not be silent about it because postpartum depression is a killer. 
Please understand that even though many women do not come up with their child bearing travails it still doesn’t make how you feel unreal. 

Stay safe, loved and remain positive. Sending love and light to you and your little ones(already born or in waiting).
 Happy Mother’s Day Jewels.

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