Houndstooth is currently making a new wave in the fashion world and haven picked a few pieces myself, I have decided to make it a bold topic on this blog!

The famous Houndstooth is a checkered pattern textile which is often in black and white and sometimes in other colors like Red and grey. This fabric style seems to be making a big statement in stores, on the runway and everywhere you turn.
Because of its versatility It has also currently become the new trend amongst fashion bloggers and the material is worn by both male and female: I’d be focusing on how it can be worn by a lady of course!

Houndstooth outfits can be worn to any occasion ranging from business to casual.
Since it made its wave into the fashion world, I have picked up quite a few houndstooth designs like scarves, tops, caps and so on; and I really love how they’ve turned out.
This pant is from H&M and I have styled it in a not so winter appropriate way because it wasn’t so cold during this shoot.

Entire Outfit - H&M

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